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Start re-engineering business processes, organise dijital documents, manage asset inventory, spread use of accounting tools, even create your own solutions.

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About user experience

Firmeyes front-end pushes simplicity.

Web app

first contains many mobile app widgets and components, it's fully responsive, it can run on all the size of the screen.

Admin dashboard

first also can be used as admin dashboard, it has tables, charts and other useful components for admin management.



by product groups

Enterprise Social Media

Extend enterprise communication with Social Media tools. Share messages, do planning, have a calendar, share files, assign tasks, prioritize assignments. We help more by integrating those things with the rest of the platform.

Content Management

Share files through the Social Media, store them to the customer folder, link them, attach them to e-mails. Get files from incoming e-mails and store them to folders. Content management gives you tools for storing and categorizing files.


Have the single source of truth for customer communication details, preferences, interests. Having enough details, use these details to get in touch with them more frequently, to offer proper products. Have the bulk e-mailing tools with extended distribution preferences.

Order/Inventory Management

With inventory and order management tools, design flexible products, find out what what to buy when, do just in time inventory management, and sell them with extended pricing policies.


Accounting here is not old-fashioned but contemporary driven by the rules of simplicity.

Instant Solutions

Let us bring solutions to you instantly in your office, just in time.


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